Stop unfair trade – Trump to G7 partners

Stop unfair trade – Trump to G7 partners

Donald Trump is known for not mincing his words and he did not disappoint when meeting his G7 partners. Trump has been particularly vocal about the exodus of American companies to other countries which has deprived Americans of job opportunities and in turn negatively affected the economy which would have benefitted from taxes paid to other countries where the companies set up.

His G7 partners were upset with Trump’s decision to heavily tax imports of aluminum and steel from Canada, the EU, and Mexico. This move is simply to solidify his stance of putting America first. He is determined to ensure American goods get the right access to the markets. His suggestion is a market that has no tariffs or barriers and one that is subsidy-free. According to Trump, this will give America a fair chance of penetrating markets that have since been hard to reach. This proposition was not received well by other leaders. He was particularly bitter with the trade America has with Canada and the European Union.

There are contradictory reports of Trump’s rant which he has gone to deny. He claims he was simply adamant to change his position. Other leaders claim his tone was unacceptable. The French president was courteous in his response to Trump’s allegations while at the same time firm. It is expected the 7 partners from United States, Britain, Italy, France, Canada, Japan, and Germany will issue a joint statement on decisions made.

Despite the importance of discussions on climate change and the importance of maintaining healthy oceans, Trump is expected to leave before the discussions as he is expected to be meeting the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un.

Trump had also suggested the return of Russia to the G7. He will miss this discussion as well although the German Chancellor Angela Markel said the EU countries present at the summit feel that Russia has not met the conditions set for its re-admittance to the group. Moscow does not seem keen on returning to the G7 either. It was suspended from the G7 in 2014 because of its role in the instability in Ukraine.