Pacquiao KO Matthysse !

Pacquiao KO Matthysse !

Manny Pacquiao scored his first knockout since 2009 in the main event of boxing card on Saturday, dropping Lucas Matthysse in the seventh round. In doing so, Pacquiao won the WBA world welterweight title off of Matthysse at 39 years of age.

Pacquiao came out aggressive and looking to push the pace, and that’s what he did to start. He caught Matthysse with a hard left uppercut that dropped him in the third round, but he didn’t swarm for the finish, knowing the danger of Matthysse’s power.

Two rounds later, Pacquiao earned his second knockdown when a short right hook landed square on the temple and Matthysse took a knee. Another two rounds later, and Pacquiao scored another big left uppercut that put Matthysse down for the third and final time, giving Pacquiao the KO.

Hard straight left from Pacquiao to start. He slips two jabs from Matthysse, who seems gunshy with his right hand. Lightning-fast four-punch combo from Pacquiao, who is backing up Matthysse. Oh it’s the left uppercut again! And Matthysse is down! Pacquiao dropped him with the same punch that he’s been landing all fight!

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