Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Your father loves you and sacrifice for you to be able to eat three times a day, to give you the best school and to provide all your needs. This Father's Day, let him know that you appreciate him by giving him cool gift. 

1. Shoes

Your dad might probably have that one shoe that is so old but they can't let go because it is still "Puwede pa". Maybe because he wants to save and buying a new shoes would mean sacrificing other important bills, most especially it's the start of the school year. 





2. Classic Coffee Mug

Everyone loves coffee, most especially your old folks. It is one of the classic gift ideas that you can give your loving daddy that can remind him everyday how much you appreciate him and love him. You can look for mugs with good motivational messages printed on it, or a huge smile emojis, or the best father in the world. Anything that can make them smile. 





3. Jacket

Rainy season alert! And one of the starter pack of this season is a good, comfy jacket that can protect them in the rain or with the cold temperature. 







4. Bag (Sling bag or backpack)

This is a good choice for fathers who are always on the go or is going to work everyday. Make sure that it is handy, lightweight and fashionable as well. 





5. Tool box

Fathers are really good in fixing things and what can make it more convenient for them is if you can buy them a good and complete tool kit. 








6. Shavers

Most fathers have their moustache or beard that they shave every now and then. This is very handy for them.












7. A new polo

You might be wondering why your father doesn't have that great amount of clothe. Maybe this is the time to give some addition to their closet. 






8. Aviators/ Sunglasses 

Whether your dad have a car, motorcycle or a commuter, this is one of the their must haves to protect their eyes from sunlight.


It is not important whether your gift is expensive or cheap. What matters is you remember them and appreciate them. Even a simple hug, kiss and greeting can lighten up their moods. So don't forget to greet your father a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. Kasi kung wala sila, wala rin tayo ngayon. 

Smile :)

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