Being a teacher is being a hero. We do our task as an educator and at the same time we inculcate a good example on which the students can learn from us.

        As a facilitator, we are just doing our task to evaluate them but nevertheless, we are also exerting other things of which may be out our job. As a teacher, if we saw our students learned from us, we are happy enough, but when we saw things are applied in their lives, there is such joy that cannot be compared to anything.

        With this experience, I have learned a lot of things on the field of education. Some are the problems of the school facilities or materials. There are different types of students. It is just on the teachers’ flexibility on how you are going to understand them.

        The education is the foundation of our country's greatness. We, the educator must exert more effort to do our tasks. We must let the learners build their self confidence in order for them to achieve in life.

       Teaching is a noble job. It contains all professions, so we must be flexible.