How to Travel on a Budget

How to Travel on a Budget

Travelling is one of the guilty pleasures of human beings. This is a way of releasing stress and boredom on unending routines and loads of paper works. Millenials as well as young professionals are more in inclined to traveling these days, both here and abroad, to post their "travel goals" on social networking sites and to explore more the beauty of nature and different countries all over the world. But let's face it, travelling is really, really expensive (not unless you were born with a gold spoon on your mouth) and one should really put effort on saving their money to be able to go places. That is why we list down some of the travel hacks on how to travel on a budget. Let's get started. 



Number 1: Research


This is the first and most important thing to do when travelling, research about the place you intend to go. There are lots of websites that gives advices on how you can survive on a budget om a certain place. You can take that as a benchmark on how you can also make it through the whole travel.


Also, by researching, you will be able to look for affordable flights and can compare and contrast different fares among may airlines. You can also look for travel coupons that you can avail when you book a flight.


You can also research on the best and affordable place to stay that will not eat up all your budget. 


Number 2: Create an itinerary 


When travelling, most especially abroad, you have to be familiar with the place and look for affordable tourist spots to go to. In that way, you will save time and money because you have your itinerary. You have a definite schedule and you won't have to worry and waste money on transportation wondering where to go next. 


Number 3: Always check for the fares or book way ahead of time


Travelling by air cost more than by land that is why you need to check for the fare rates often to see if there are flight sales available. Most of the time, when airlines have a sale, many travellers will avail that immediately so you have to be fast and be updated to be able to secure yourself a seat. Also, when you book your flight way ahead of time, it is way cheaper versus if you will book days from your vacation. 


Number 4: Pick an off season travel


Travel fares become obviously expensive during peak seasons because of the enormous number of tourist during this time. As a law in economics, if the supply is low, there is a shortage and that means commodities will increase in price,  the same principle applies to fares.


Number 5: Travel in group


Aside from it will be more fun to travel with friends, it is also cheaper because you can divide the expenses among the group. 


Number 6: Follow your budget


This is the most crucial part, you have to follow your budget so that you won't end up with nothing. Make memories and take pictures rather buying too much souvenirs for all of the people you know. Besides, memories and experiences will lasts a lifetime rather than material things. 


Always remember that you do not need to be rich to travel. Making the right decisions at the right time and choosing the best place to go to will make you go a long way. You do not need to spend more than what you earned just to enjoy your self and to travel, make an intelligent decision and create more memories when you are young. 

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