How to track my boyfriend’s phone location for free

It is said ignorance is bliss but is it really? How do I choose ignorance when I notice my boyfriend is acting strangely? How do I plead ignorance when he almost breaks his feet running to grab his phone when it rings?

How to track my boyfriend’s phone location for free
It is said ignorance is bliss, but is it really? How do I choose ignorance when I notice my boyfriend is acting strangely? How do I plead ignorance when he almost breaks his feet running to grab his phone when it rings? How do I manage this bliss when he is always whispering on his phone when he thinks I am in the bathroom? How do I pretend I am not itching to get a hold of his phone to find out what he hiding? Even worse, how do I do it now that he has his phone password protected? Do you find yourself asking these questions every other time? Do you sometimes wonder, “how to track my boyfriend’s phone location for free”? Fortunately there are solutions to your problems and even better, you do not have to wait for him to forget his phone for you to get access to it.

Fortunately, you do not have to endure lies and denials even when you are sure he is probably cheating. You can only be certain when you get confirmation. Unfortunately, that confirmation is on his phone and the only way you can access his phone without using strange antics which never work is by using Spyzie. This software gives you the chance to comfortably access your boyfriend’s phone without his knowledge. He will never know you have access to his phone because this software is untraceable.

 How does Spyzie help you catch a cheating partner?

Before installing Spyzie, it is important to know the features that make this software your partner in crime.

  • It has GPS tracking. You no longer have to believe blindly the “I was working late” excuse. You will know where he is whenever you wish to find out even when he lies.
  • This software will track all the incoming, outgoing and deleted messages as well as email. You no longer have to ask yourself why his phone inbox is always empty yet his sent messages are obviously responding to some messages.
  • It provides contact information. You no longer have to try and figure out who the owner of a particular number is. This software will tell exactly who your partner is cheating on you with.
  • You will also have access to multi-media files. They may be incoming, outgoing or even deleted. If he has been exchanging explicit photos and videos with another woman, you will know.
  • You will also be able to monitor what your boyfriend does when he goes to the internet. His browse history will be available to you.

Reasons why Spyzie is your best choice

  • It is a web-based solution. This makes this the perfect software since you will not need to root your boyfriend’s phone. This software gives all the passwords and ID of the phone you need to monitor so that you can have access to the phone remotely.
  • If you are worried about your boyfriend’s reaction when he finds a notification about what you are doing, do not. Because this software is discreet. No one but you will know what you are doing.
  • There some information you can access for a lower. All you need is to register and start snooping. If you need further information, you can pay the premium subscription which is fairly priced.

Are you still confused and wondering “how to track my boyfriend’s phone for free”? If this is still a concern for you then do not worry. If he has an android phone, you just need to follow the following steps and you will have access to his phone, anytime, anywhere.

How to get access to Spyzie and use it

  • You will find subscription options for you to choose from. You may choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. Depending on how badly you need to find out about the possibility of your boyfriend’s infidelity, you may choose the subscription option that gives you a selection of certain sections of his phone or you could pay for the option where you have access to all sections of his phone.
  • You will initially need to have physical access to your boyfriend’s phone. You shall receive all the login details on your phone. This will be your control panel since this is how you will be able to access your boyfriend’s phone. Once this happens, you can finish the installation with the set-up wizard.
  • Once installations are complete, you will be ready to start spying on your boyfriend through his phone.

This software is the best for you to use because your boyfriend will have no idea of what is going on. It is a hidden, stealthy software that does not appear anywhere on the list of apps. There is no way your boyfriend will know what is happening and this way, if he is just distracted and not cheating, your boyfriend will be none the wiser.

Alternative spy tools you can use to spy on your boyfriend


This is an alternative spy software that you can use to spy on all your boyfriend’s activities on his phone. These include social media communication, call logs and messages. The payment structure is flexible. You have three options depending on your preference.

  • Basic payment plan
  • Premium plan
  • Mobile Family kit

The three payment structures can be chosen depending on what you need to spy on. There are some limitations in the basic and premium plans. There are certain sections of the phone you will not have access to. The mobile family kit gives you access to all sections of his phone. The rates are $17 - $40 per month and the most popular subscription is the premium plan. You may choose to make payments either monthly, quarterly or annually. You get a bargain if you make bulk payments.




The procedure of acquisition and installation of mSpy

  • Select the package you wish to subscribe for
  • Fill out the order form
  • Make payment
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to install mSpy
  • Download mSpy and install it on your boyfriend’s phone. It is important to note that the premium features will require you to root your Android device. Alternatively, you will need to Jailbreak your IOS device.

You are now ready to start tracking your boyfriend’s phone. Simply log in to mSpy’s control panel and start monitoring the activities you have paid for.


This software has over 150 features that can be used on Android, iPhone, IPad, PC and Mac devices. You will be able to spy on your boyfriend on any of these devices without him noticing it. You will know he is cheating even if he confines his communication to his PC.

Mobile Spy

If you are still skeptical about paying for a software when you are not sure whether they actually work, mobile spy gives you a 7-day free trial to see that this is not a scam. You can actually find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you early enough. You do not want to waste time believing in bliss when all he is thinking is biding his time and dump you when he feels he is ready to proceed with the woman he is cheating on you with.

Benefits of using Spyzie for parents


is not just for finding out what your boyfriend is up to. It is very important for parents too. It has become a necessity for children to have phones today. Although it is important for them to be able to communicate and use the internet, their activities still need to be monitored. Children are still quite innocent and they can be corrupted by the things they see online. You will not know what they are up to unless you find out. Let’s face it, no child will tell the parent the truth if they are doing what they shouldn’t. You will be able to nip certain behaviors in the bud only if you find out in time. Do you want to take the risk of not knowing all in the name of giving your child privacy?Spyzie




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