Goodbye Tambay
Goodbye Tambay

Goodbye Tambay


“Tambay” is a Filipino term used for someone who is jobless, uneducated or just likes to loiter around the street (Urban dictionary). They gather together along street, sharing a drink, stories, or games.

His (PDu30) advice to tambays during his speech to newly-promoted law enforcers in Malacañang on June 13, 2018 was to go to their home with their respective houses because they are a potential trouble. According to President Duterte, the streets should be for law-abiding citizens only, and not a place of criminals and drug users.

However, during his speech in Cabatuan, Iloilo, he pointed out they just wanted to make the streets safe, citing his experience as Davao City mayor where a curfew is being imposed. “Iyung utos ko sa pulis na 'yung mga tambay, sundin lang niyo ang utos ko. Wala namang inaaresto. I just don’t want you using the streets to loiter,” He even added after the netizens slammed him with different opinions.

Some might be in favor for this order and some might not but even so, tambays should be treated the same with people who has a regular job. Being tambay doesn’t mean you are not a contributing individual to the welfare of the country. Moreover, if a person doesn’t do anything bad, he or she should not be arrested.

"We are not arresting these people because of the word na 'tambay' sila. They are being arrested or accosted and penalized because they have violations of ordinances, not because they are istambay “said PNP chief Director General Oscar Albayalde in a press conference in Camp Crame.

Examples of these violations according to Albayalde are smoking in public places, drinking liquor on the streets, and going shirtless in public.

Best thing to do is to obey the laws of your city, province and nation and always bear the reputation and character of a good citizen. Let’s be productive to our lives to and to everyone.