Get certified at CISCO 200-105 EXAM

Get certified at CISCO 200-105 EXAM

Cisco 200-15 exam is one of the popular exams for aspirants who want to get certified. This goes as we all Cisco CCNA, CCNE and other Cisco certifications available. This one is kind of intense though, so what you need to do is to follow these steps that I am going to teach you together with the relevant information included in this document.

This exam has a duration of 90 minutes and contains approximately 55-65 questions.

By the time you have completed this exam, you will gain the necessary knowledge pertaining to networking skills in Cisco switches and routers. You will be having adequate skills to install, troubleshoot and secure basic switches and routers.

This exam is designed in such a way that, along with learning, it also helps you to increase the opportunities for getting hired. Even if you are already working in a company, this certification will definitely help you in increasing the chances of getting a promotion.

Reasons for the Cisco 200-105 exam to become popular

The expansion of the IT industry is always quite evident and so is the ever-increasing demand for technical engineers. It is almost guaranteed for a candidate to secure a job with the help of this certifications as this is one of the most popular and trusted certifications.

Although there are many who claim that they have the right knowledge and skills, they fail to prove themselves when they are actually given a task at hand. Due to this, employers are now turning towards certified candidates to hire as high-skilled professionals are very much in demand. This certification will help the candidates to move a step ahead.

Personal experience of passing the Cisco 200-105 exam

Most of the reading material was available online while I was preparing for this exam. Vast information and details are available to successfully prepare and execute this exam.

 I made use of the available services and watched many webinars and training videos prepared by Cisco for the exam. They are quite informative and very easy to follow. Most of the material I required was gained from these videos.

I have a bit of knowledge regarding about switching and routing, so the exam was easy for me to complete. Maximum limit of knowledge is required to pass this exam. It would be easier for you to remember if you create your own lab and experiment what you learned theoretically.

I also researched online about the possible questions which might appear. This was not done for the purpose of remembrance. It was done for the purpose of practice. I was testing myself before the actual exam. I also took up some training sessions to polish my skills and knowledge before the exam.

Answering almost 60 questions within a duration of 90 minutes requires accurate planning and preparation. I was quite cautious about this issue and put in extra efforts to reduce the time and use less than a minute on questions which were simpler and not more than a minute and a half on the ones which were tougher.

 One can easily get caught in time by spending too much of it on some questions. This can be avoided and all the questions can be answered properly with the help of proper planning and preparation.

These things that I talked about are perfectly suited all aspirants out there who wanted to get Cisco 200-105 exam and get certified. All you need to have is the guts to pursue the examination from review until the day of the examination. And I guarantee you guys that more or less, will make it to the certification!