Facebook is shutting down its trending topics

Facebook is shutting down its trending topics

Facebook has been debuted a controversial algorithm module that can pull stories that are posted on its network. Users post and interest are getting an increasing attention by the start of 2014.

But sometime this month, the head of news product of Facebook Mr. Alex Hardiman has declared that they remove the said module "trending post" within this week. Facebook will also shut down all third-party integration that's been relying on the trending API.

The reason for shutting down the module is the abusive topics that are posted such as mockery and criticism. After few years, it was called Facebook's 2 years of hell, as they are reckoned with different fake news, platform abuse and increasingly voices that are crying foul. In total, trending topics from Facebook has been losing its human oversight.

The shutdown of this module within this week has been the talk of the town for months already, that's why the company needs to implement this by now effectively. The question is, why does Facebook allow this kind of manipulation in their own network and grant permission for an irrelevant and abusive post to be approved by their editors.

The change in the algorithm and its platform should start now so that it will not create more harm to the users of the platform and will not be used again to abuse and criticize others.