Making a commitment is deciding to do something. We are opposed to deal with people or things in terms of our decisions. The main reason why we are here is because we have our own purposes, or perhaps choices. As we have the ability to create judgments, we are going through a chance. Making a commitment means we are engaged to deal, comply or agree. It is when things are joined together by our minds and deliverance, we are certainly committed.

A commitment can only be felt when it oversteps convenience. That which is convenient, you do not call commitment. If you just go on your convenience, your commitment falls apart causing more inconvenience. 

We don't have a firm commitment for any expenditure at this stage nor do we know anything about timeline except for a vague commitment it will be done.

It takes a vision, commitment, the belief that you deserve whatever your heart desires and then an openness to receive it. And it’s also important to allow yourself to be in all the wonderfulness that you have created.

Let’s make a deeper commitment, one that cannot be broken or lost.