Climax control

Climax control

Making love to your partner is very essential to have the bonding strength between the partners. They are a lot of people that are unable to cope up with the stress and as a result of which they don't devote much time to sexual life. Even after giving a try to make love with your partner, some are not able to make it for long. Now, that is a real damage to the relationship. All this is major because of the stress.

Worth it?

 If you are also one that is stressed out due to a quick climax, here is good news is that. We offer you ‘Climax control' that will help you and your partner to engage long in the lovemaking sessions. Isn't it cool for the modern stressful days?

Ride longer

 It wouldn’t be great with any woman if her man isn’t able to make love for a longer period. They don't feel satisfied and as a result, there would be troubling the relationship. You don’t have to be the one facing the same kind of problem. Though, it is more like a normal thing, why give a chance, when you have ‘Marine Muscle’ climax control here at your rescue. Like every other problem has a solution, so can your climax issues too can have.


The lubrication rightly reduces the stimulation, but still keeps on the nerves activated. Since the stimulation is slowed down you last long on your bed. Time to show all your love to your partner, after all making them happy is so much pleasure to every man.

No more premature ejaculation with ‘Ultra slim’. The safest one, since there are no side effects at all. The couples that previously used to suffer due to premature ejaculation are now living happily since men improved their performance on the bed with the climax controllers. The stimulations due to the climax controller that is worn to the male genital are mild and maintain a steady pace.  


There are some condoms that do not only provide safe sex but also helps men to ride longer with increased and better performance. You might want them all for yourself. Before that, look through the benefits that the climax control has to the men using them.

            •  Prolonged sex

Men with the problem of premature ejaculation usually last only for a period of fewer than 5 minutes. If that is the case, have the climax control on, before you start riding over your partner. It will help you have sex for a good period of time that is around 1 hour on a whole. Since you feel the pleasure and fun of making love, there are also fewer chances of you getting tired.

            • 100% safe

           •  The lubrication that the climax control condoms have is 100% safe. So, don’t worry about any side effects as such. The natural substance in the lubrication ensures your safety. ‘Raspberry ketone plus’                 is all about controlling the climax and safety as well.

             •Delightful experience

            • Irrespective of the age factor, in case you spot the problem of premature ejaculation, try on the whole new climax controls. ‘Fit miss tone’.

            • Improved sexual life

No more facing the trouble with the climax control. Also, enjoy the boost in the efficiency and pleasure with the ‘Opti men’ climax control.

So, these were some set of benefits that you will surely experience with any climax control on.

Active Ingredients:

This is one common problem that most of the men from their 30s experience. The Climax control will help you with lubrication that is will help you ride longer. You will notice the improvement with the climax control on. The lubrication has 4% of Benzocaine that is usually known as the male genital desensitizer. The Benzocaine present in the lubricant inside the condoms rightly activates the nerves in the male genital part and as a result of which you experience the double pleasure.

Also, since there are right proportions of the essential ingredients like the L-Carnitine, Benzocaine, Folic acid (vitamin 9), Tribulus etc, the climax control condoms works on well like you desire.

Availability and price per piece:

Tested and certified ones are available in the medical stores and also in the online medical stores. Check with the ingredients, usage directions, active ingredients etc right before the purchase.

Intend to have longer and safe sex, then it is time you have the ‘Fitness ignite' (only for male genital) on while you have sex. Since, the climax control comes in various forms i.e. pills, gel, condom etc., each one of them has a different, yet affordable costs.


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You can beat your nearest and local medical stores and ask for –

Climax control pills - $55

Climax control condoms – $7

Climax control gel - $3

Climax control spray - $18

You can also get them all in the online medical store. This would be convenient when you opt for the local online delivery medical stores. You can get them delivered straight to your home.

Does this really work as expected?

100%. The presence of the natural herbs along with the active ingredients makes it worth. Before the introduction of the climax control condoms, men used to rely on the gels, pills, powder to deal with premature ejaculation. But now you don’t have to do put in some time to solve the problem with the condoms here.

Birth control, prevention of diseases, improved and prolonged sexual performance etc are all guaranteed by the climax control. The condoms have made it simple when compared to the sprays, gels, pills etc.

Both of the partners will be happy after having the pleasure they had because of the climax control condom. The increased performance is the one main motto of the climax control.


While you shop online for the climax control, you will definitely see set of various ratings and reviews about the products. You can actually depend on them to have the better product. Of course, not all the reviews are genuine. But most of them are.

 The best part about shopping online for the climax control is that you can avail the product at discounted prices. You can also get the chance to get the whole pack of it at wholesale prices.

Amazon India offers various climax control condoms like – Durex climax control condoms (buy 2, get 1 free) for just Rs. 360. They are many such reasonable and fair deals up online.

If you are shopping for them at your nearest medical stores, you will be an advantage since the pharmacist will help you by guiding you to the right kind of product.

You can rely on their guidance. Some of the best climax controls that are usually suggested are here:

  • Testosterone booster
  • Maleextra
  • Indigo 3g  
  • Vimax
  • BPI 1mr vortex etc

At the end of each of the product online, you will find star rating right there. You can also feel free to rate the product genuinely after using it. Do it the next time you shop for the same product.

It is time to bid goodbye to the premature ejaculations. Time to ride longer and deeper with the climax control. 100% natural and safe for use by men with poor ejaculations.  

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