Best exercises to reduce thigh fat

Best exercises to reduce thigh fat

Excessive thigh fats is a common concern when it comes to a physical look, this is mainly what women are after. This will take a lot of effort to burn away and with a lot of things to consider. Exercises which reduce or even loose thigh fat are very rare to find. However, several exercises are being introduced that offers a process for a fast pace fat burning process.

As we talk about how an individual can burn thigh fats, I would like to give you also a list of physical activities that can benefit our health mentally and physically.

-Exercise can boost your immunity

-Boost your fitness and control your weight

-Risk of heart diseases are lower

-Metabolic syndrome and the risk of having type 2 diabetes are being lower too

-Risk of having some type of cancer is being reduced

-Boost your hormones and reduce fatigue

-Mental health and moods are being boosted as well

-Bones and muscle are strengthen

These are some lists of exercises to reduce thigh fats

1. Forward Lunges

Forward lunges are one of the best exercises to lose thigh fat, this exercise is claimed to be the best exercise next to squat. The first step is by standing up with your feet together. One foot should move out until thigh is parallel to the ground, pull it back after.

You can do this every 8 counts at least on each post. For greater effect, you can also use dumbbells which you can also do an of 7 - 12 reps for 2 - 3 sets.

2. Leg Circles

This exercise starts by lying down on your back, concentrate a bit and raise one leg. This is one common and easy exercise with pilates. Raising your leg slowly until it straight above will help the muscles provide more weight until leg is pointed at the ceiling.

Once the leg is pointed at the ceiling, then you can make a small circle rotation five times clockwise and 5 times counterclockwise. Each leg should have a repetition of this movement for 4 times.

3. Lifting

One of the best ways to burn fats faster from our body, abs muscles tissues are being burned faster by doing a proper lifting. Keeping the back straight is very important then start lifting with small weight first.

 Make a lift in a standing position and a quarter bend of the knee for 8 times. This way, the thigh fat is being burned as well. Lifting can be done 3 times a week to help the muscle grow accordingly and fats are burning continuously.

4. Plies Exercise

This exercise works well in toning and shaping your thigh, this is what ballerinas do a daily routine exercise. Pointing your toes outward at 45-degree angle, which is basically squatting. Inner thigh fats is what this exercise is being targeted to burn away, 8 - 12 reps in 3 - 4 sets is what you can do.

5. Squat Exercise

If I were to think of what best exercise should be to lose thigh fat, a squat is one of I can think of. Because doing a squat helps the largest part of our muscle to burn fats faster and effectively, at a faster rate.

Make sure that your knee will not go below and almost parallel to the floor or a chance of risking your knee damage will occur. A simple squat is where you can always start in a slower pacing.

6. Stepping Exercise

Stepping exercise is one of the best ways to lose thigh fats and your knees are protected. stair master and step machine are some of the equipment you can use to get an excellent result in a short period of time. 

If you are looking for a maximum result, you can do this exercise for 3 to 5 times a week. Stepping exercise should be mix up with other exercises to keep your muscles in good shape. 10 reps are best to do.

7. Jogging or walking for slimmer legs

A good jog or a fast walk increases the heart rate, reduced thigh fats while making the body stimulates energy. For the beginners, you can start walking at a slow pace and eventually jogging whenever you feel comfortable doing it.

Always bear in mind that you can stick in walking if you like, but you have to do it at least 30 - 45 minutes in a day to see and feel a maximum effect. After all, the best way still to make all this exercises possible is to have a proper diet.

8. Malasana Yoga Pose

You can also add yoga to your daily routine exercise in burning your thigh fat, one of the best yoga poses is what they called Malasana. It is a good squatting pose of yoga. this will actually work to tone your bums, legs, and your thigh.

Burns stubborn fats away and strengthen your inner thigh. Initially, you will feel somehow uncomfortable. However, as you get used to this position, you will your inner thigh fats loosen.

You have to be focused and patient on what you want to achieve, inner thigh is one of the last areas of a woman's body to get slim and firm. Always think of your body fats current level and genetics into considerations.

You always have to be realistic if you really want to have a good body shape. In order for you to have a fantastic leg, you need muscle. Bear in mind to keep the weight to moderately light, so your thigh muscle will become stronger, harder, and more defined, but not larger.

Always remember, don't skip your very first meal of the day to boost your metabolism. This will help in reducing the body's overall fats and for you to reveal your leaner legs to everyone. Pass on meals which are rich in sugar with refined carbs, but feed your body with fiber and protein filled carbs. Because protein will give you enough energy to do any exercise or workout for the day. Making you feel full and energetic.

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