The Perks of Being Single

The Perks of Being Single


"Oh, napag iiwanan ka na yata?"

Ever questioned by your family about your relationship status being single? Ever heard your friends  asking you when will you get a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Ever been bugged about dating opposite sex? These and many other questions that is thrown on you thinking that you live a miserable life just because you are single. Guys, relax. Being single might be an issue to everyone most especially when you see your friends getting into a relationships or tying the knot one by one or even seeing them having children of their own but sure thing, being single is not a curse. We must also look at the brighter side of single blessedness and embrace the perks of being one. Here are the seven advantages of being a single :

1. You can do whatever you want and dress whatever you like (without the fear of not getting allowed by your partner)

Being single means being free. Free to choose and decide what to wear and  to do whatever you like to do. You will never fear that someone might not approve your looks or might not allow you do some random and silly things. If you do not like being caged in a relationship with so much dos and don'ts then, singlehood is really for you. 

2. Time to build a better version of yourself  (This is also applicable to someone who just got out into a failed relationship)

This is the time for yourself and yourself alone. It is the time to build your confidence for yourself, the time to find the self that you lost trying to be the perfect one for your partner. As bitter as it may sound but now is the time to focus on your self and try to be better (not bitter!) Don't just sit around and wallow on your misery instead, why not try to enroll on a cooking class? A dance class? Or even an acting class? Loose some weight or gain some weight. Your world, your rules. 

3. Travel. Travel. Travel! 

More leisure for you and more chances to meet different kinds of people that can widen your network when you go places. This can benefit you and can close potential business ventures. You won't even be guilty of enjoying yourself and meeting opposite sex when you are single. There is more time to live on the moment without frequent updating your partner about your whereabouts.

4. You can sleep peacefully at night. 

A good night sleep improves your mood the next day. The more you sleep less, the more chances of making you moody and irritated over things. This can not be achieved when you have a snoring partner or when you hate cuddling or when you are worried about your partners activity when you are not around. Yes, some people hates cuddle or is not comfortable having someone next to them. That is why when you are single, you wont have to worry about this. 

5. The freedom to flirt and date whomever you want. 

More choices, more chances of winning (Ha!-ha! ). This might be the motto of the singles out there having the time of their lives. 

6. You make your own schedule 

When you are in a relationship, you take in to consideration the schedule of your partner because you would want to spend more quality time with him or her. You compromise and you really make an effort to make time.

7. More money on your pocket, more savings

Let's face it. Once you are in a relationship, you must also ready your budget (especially when your partner is high maintenance). However, being single means you don't have to make a good impression to your partner by treating him or her to a high-end restaurants.

These and a lot of perks of being single. So,  don't worry too much. Live your life and do not make deadlines on when or how you would like your love story to be written. Do not rush into falling in love so you won't end up with the wrong person. Remember that life is not a race that whoever will be the first to marry will win. Embrace your singlehood and enjoy it. 

Now is the time to build your self. Develop your self so that when the right person comes, you are ready. Do not waste the person that you are instead, make your self worthy up until the day that you are ready. 

There is nothing wrong in being single. Do not worry that you won't find someone to love in the future. Do not self pity thinking that your life is miserable without a better half. Being single is a blessing for you to enjoy life fully. Make the most out of it and always remember these benefits of being single. 


Any thoughts, kababayan?