Beauty and make-up hacks for Filipino Women

Beauty and make-up hacks for Filipino Women

Beauty and make-up hacks for Filipino Women

From their teenage years, women have learned the importance of looking and staying beautiful. This knowledge has guided Filipino women to doing different beauty regimens that have become part and parcel of their lives. It is easy to appreciate the beauty of a woman but when a man is out to task to find out the routines beautiful women go through to achieve that look, he would be more impressed. It takes dedication to strictly follow the regimens that guarantee beautiful youthful skin. Sometimes all it takes are beauty hacks that every Filipino woman needs to know.

Beauty and make up hacks for Filipino women

Aloe Vera for skin irritation Aloe Vera is a wonder plant that is used in health restoration as well as skin protection. If you visit many homes in the Philippines, you will find this wonder plant growing. It has been known to cure skin ailments and improve the appearance of the skin. Using the gel from the leaf of this plant on your skin helps it to retain its moisture content and acting as an inexpensive anti-aging agent. Beauty is not just about the skin, it is about the hair too. Aloe Vera is known as a hair treatment that results in thick healthy long hair.

Coconut oil

If there is oil that can be used in every part of a woman's body, it is coconut oil. This natural oil has been used for years by Filipino women in place of shampoos and conditioners. Coconut oil is not only good for the skin but is great if you want thick long moisturized hair. You do not have to invest in different oils for different parts of your body. One container of coconut oil is all you need for all your moisturizing needs. Coconut oil is also used to remove mascara and hydrate the eyelashes.

Gugo bark

While growing up, many young Filipino girls were introduced to the wonder of Gugo bark by their mothers. This bark was steeped in hot water, cooled then generously applied on the scalp. This tea was responsible for the healthy growth of hair for these young girls. Today, young and old women alike still go back to this age-old trick to rejuvenate their hair growth.

Batong Buga (pumice stones)

These stones are a must-have for every Filipino woman. This is because the body sometimes needs help to exfoliate dead skin. Facial and body scrubs do a good job on the skin. Unfortunately, some part of the body needs a stronger agent since some dead skin is too hard to be removed by scrubs. The pumice stone is used to remove dead skin on the feet, knees, and elbows. One of the things many men notice on a woman is her feet. Beautiful feet can only be achieved with the use of a pumice stone. The amazing thing about this stone is it never wears out. You can use for years and it will maintain its look!


There is the notion that lighter skin is beautiful skin. Many Filipino women are comfortable with their skin tone. However, there are certain parts of the body which tends to be darker. These include the elbows, knees, and armpits. Thankfully, women no longer need to rely on chemical agents to lighten their skin. They can do this naturally using papaya. Simply marsh the papaya fruit, apply it on the dark area of the skin then wash it off after some time. Repeating this process regularly will indeed bring you the desired result.

Papel de hapon

This is used to tint the lips. Lips which have a bit of color enhance the beauty of a woman. Using crepe paper to bring color to your look is an inexpensive way of brightening your look. If you want a deeper shade, all you need to do is wet the Papel de hapon and you will have a deeper color on your lips.

Drink with a straw

Seeing your lipstick smudge glasses when on a date can be frustrating. Every single time you have a drink, a little bit of your lipstick is gone. By the end of your date, your lips would probably have no trace of lipstick. If you do not have matt lipstick, do not worry. Instead of sipping a drink from the glass, use a straw. Chances are, even if you will lose some lipstick, most of it will still be on your lips.

Create your own matt lipstick

Any woman who uses lipstick wants one that will last a long time on the lips even if she has 10 cups of coffee! One way to do this is by investing in a matte lipstick. Unfortunately, this costs more than the ordinary lipstick. The good news is you can keep your lipstick longer by blotting and setting your lipstick with translucent powder. You should first use a lip liner, the same shade as lipstick, to shade your lips. Apply a coat of lipstick, blot it with tissue. Do this twice or thrice. Once to have the right shade, hold the tissue to your lips and apply translucent powder using a powder brush on your lips over the tissue. Voila! You have your "matt" lipstick!

Extending the length of the eyelashes

By lightly dusting your eyelashes with powder before applying mascara, you will have the length you desire. Knowing these beauty and makeup hacks are essential for every Filipino woman. It is not always that you will have your usual beauty regimen items. These hacks will help sustain you and keep you glowing as you plan to replace the items you need. You can also choose to keep using these hacks for the daily maintenance of your skin and beauty. Beauty does not need to be an expensive venture. Sometimes, the simplest things are all you need to keep your skin looking young and beautiful. When you treat your skin and hair well, your glow will tell you are doing things right.

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