Athletes Foot on Hand

Athletes Foot on Hand

As a human, we heard about having an athlete’s foot which is irritating to someone who has it. But did you know that you can also get an athlete’s foot on hand? This appears as a red, scaly or crusty and circular rash that can be possible to manifest in your hand. Athletes foot usual cause is by walking barefoot and it is known as Tinea Pedis, while on the other hand, for hands, it is known as Tinea Manuum.

What causes athletes foot on hands?

Athletes foot can also be present and manifest to any part of our body since it is acquired by the same fungus as a ringworm. People with a history of having skin disease like Eczema have a higher risk of having this. Here, you will find out what mainly causes Athletes foot on hand.

Skin Contact

A very common way of transmitting disease from one person to another, which spreads the infection. Whether you have direct contact with an infected person, or you simply not able to wash your hands after contact.

Soil or Animal Contact

Very common for animal owners like domestic pets or even hunters and farmers that had a contact and spread the disease.

Sharing of Personal Belongings

If you are sharing personal things with an infected person, this is more or less can get you infected as well. Without proper caution, the transmitting of the disease is very possible.

What are the symptoms of having athletes foot on hands?

Whether it is manifested to foot or hands, athletes foot have very similar symptoms such as

üPeeling Skin or Dry


üBurning Sensation

üCircular marks with raised red borders

üSkin discoloration

What is the possible treatment?

üTea Tree Oil

üApple Cider Vinegar


üHydrogen Peroxide

üHomemade Creams

üAntifungal Drugs

üAnd some over the counter medicines

How to prevent it?

üAlways make sure to keep your hands clean

üAvoid borrowing of personal belongings

üTreat the disease right away before it spreads to different parts of your body

üMonitor your pets whenever you see that there are rashes or suspects an infection from them. Have them check right away.