Anthony Bourdain – A journalist who did more than inform

Anthony Bourdain – A journalist who did more than inform

, 2018. He was a favorite of many and his fans are still coming to terms thAnthony Bourdain’s death came as a shock to many when he was found dead in his hotel room in France on Friday 8to his death. They do not understand how a man who introduced them to the unknown cuisines, a man who dared them to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, simply gave up on life. Many people would probably have found a way to help him if they knew what was troubling him. Unfortunately, Anthony has taken his torments with him.

 Anthony is well known for his travel adventures where he sought to find out more about the world of food, or rather, introduce food to the world. He understood food like no one else did. He saw food than just sustenance to life. To him, food was part of life and it was to be enjoyed. His feature, parts unknown, was a favorite of many who always looked forward to finding out what he had in store for them. With Anthony, you never could predict what the next episode would be like. He had his own way of making everything exciting and unpredictable.

His death, at the age of 61, tells of a man who had his struggles but kept it to himself. Everyone around him, even his closest friends are wondering what they missed. How could they not tell he was struggling with something? What was so hard that Anthony felt he could not move on, as he often advocated. Or maybe he did. Only he moved beyond.

The shock his death has left behind only goes to show a man who did not wear his life on a sleeve. He believed food brought people together. He believed in the joy and happiness of the people around him. He did this effortlessly with his culinary skills. He taught many of us how to appreciate food and how to use it in our effort to interact. If there is one place people have fun and harmony, it is when sharing a meal. Did Anthony give so much of himself and got nothing in return? Only Anthony knows that and sadly, we probably never will know.

What we know, is the Anthony who graced our screens. A man who gladly travelled the world to understand other cultures. A man who never once showed discomfort at the site of a dish he had never encountered. As long as others ate it, he gave it a go. This is the Anthony we remember. The Anthony we will always be grateful to.