5 Best Keepsake Wedding Favors

5 Best Keepsake Wedding Favors

Do you still remember when you were a kid and taking a return gift home from the birthday parties that you attended? I know you do. Most of us are going to the friends and relatives parties just to have those. At least I did. The usual birthday party who normally does that is the 7th birthday. And since we already grown up, have you ever think that this can be applicable to weddings as well? well, I know they can. It is actually new from India but it is known by people all over the world.

So, here are the 5 Best Keepsake Wedding Favors that will surely be remembered by your guest.

1. Beauty Themed Wedding Favors

Have you ever imagined returning to a wedding with an essential oil and some organic lip balm as a wedding favor? pretty cool right? and I'm sure it would be. I bet you would love that and will be thankful to the bride each time you will meet her. And for the bride, take time to customize the wrapping with labels to the color motif of your wedding.

2. Wedding Favors which is Something Edible

Not being a foodie is not a case at all to enjoy a wedding favor such as edible stuff, and I didn't say that you can't enjoy that. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore if you are a foodie or not, what matters most is that everyone who attend parties always like something edible as a wedding favor. It can be chocolates or cookies perhaps and let the guest choose what they want to bring home as a wedding favor. In the end, people will always remember that specific wedding event they attended.

3. Destination Themed Wedding Favors

Have you dreamed of going on a trip or a vacation with your better half? is it nice to have at least a bag tags as well? these stuff are what the newlywed is always thinking of. but not only them, it goes to all your guest that used to be a couple. I can imagine if I were one of the guests with my special someone at that wedding and receive a bag tag that I can use wherever we travel. This is actually a simple gesture of saying thank you, but I'm sure your wedding will truly be remembered for that couple whenever they see the bag tag wherever they go.

4. Memories and Music as a Wedding Favor

Having a simple does not mean that this will not be remembered by your guest even if it's just your family or circle of friends. You can try to give them a flash drive as a wedding favor with all memories and music in it. So, whenever they listen or watch it, they will smile and remember a once in a lifetime event in your life.

5. Wine Bottles and Mini Champagne

This is so far the best wedding favor to give, so why not giving this to your guest with sweet thoughts of words so whenever they decided to open those bottles, they will remember your wedding.

These wedding favors are just simple ideas to think and to give. Now, why don't you try it!