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Daily lyfe style on local public markets


Daily lyfe style on local public markets Meet the people One of the possible locations to meet the people of the Philippines and to discover parts of the daily life of many Filipinos, is the market. The local markets in a big city or regional town are most of the time crowded and colorful. The sellers, young or older, will welcome foreigners in their stall.
They are always prepared for a friendly talk, even if you don’t buy.
The Philippines is one of the developing countries where the sellers don’t molest a foreigner in
an attempt to sell. Most of the Filipinos speak English rather good, so,
communication is not a problem.

PHILIPPINES local public market

Ormoc City is one of the two bigger regional cities on the island of Leyte in the center part of the Philippines (the Visayas).
If you don’t want to buy a fish, no problem. Do you want to take a picture, of course! “Mabuhay”, your welcome!

public market 2

Cebu City on the island Cebu, is one of the few big cities in the Philippines. The urban area of Cebu City counts many sections, each with their own markets. Most known is the Carbon Market, the colorful and crowded market in the old, downtown part of Cebu City.

carbon market

For very cheap fish products, there are always possibilities on fish markets. Very little anchovy (gray colored), with a lot of salt and in their own juice, is sold for 10 pesos per little can/glass. Hipon, tiny shrimps (grinded) together with a lot of salt and some coloring material, is sold for the same price as the anchovy.


In every city there are a lot of places where you can buy fresh drinks. That’s not a luxury. The temperature is always at least 28 degrees Celsius (in the shadow!). So, a fresh drink is welcome. Make your choice! A juice or a shake of fresh mango, green mango, pineapple, water melon, apple, orange and even sweet corn, it is all possible. For a few pesos you’ve your refreshing drink.
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