A Look at Enzymes and their Functions

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A Look at Enzymes and their Functions


A Look at Enzymes and their Functions

 No plant, animal or human could exist  without enzymes. During every Moment  of our lives, enzymes keep us going. At this very instant, millioins of tiny enzymes `are working throughout your body  causing reactions to take place. You couldn’t breath,  read its words, eat a meal, taste the food, or hear a telephone ring without enzymes. You’d be dead, pushing up daisies and fertilizing some living plant, if not for enzymes.

So Far reseachers have identified more than 3,000 kinds of enzymes in the human body. There are millions of these energizers thatrenew, maintain, and protech us. Every second of our lives, these enzymes are constantly changing and renewing , sometimes at an unbelievable rate.


You may be trying to eat right; get plenty of exercise; and take vitamin, mineral, herbal supplements. But what if you still feel constantly rundown and wrung out? Is each step you take a drag? Is indigestion, heartburn, or gas frequent and unwanted companion? Do you have skin or weight problems? Allergies? Maybe your body is saying “enough is enough” Foods that lack of enzymes and unhealthy lifestyles could be the problems, and the answer is in this web post about enzymes.

Historically, the best sources of enzymes were fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains, And by now, most of us know the importance of eating these foods everyday. Even the Department of agriculture Food pyramids says we should eat three to five servings of vegetables and two to three servings of fruit daily. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and enzymes.

But unfortunately, few of us actually follow the governments guidelines-even though it’s proven fact that those whose diets are rich in vegetables, fruits, and grains have a significantly lower risk of cancer and heart disease.

So What are we living on? French fries, sugar-loaded soft drinks, coffee, and fast foodhamburgers. Further, our foods are fried, baked, canned, frozen, dried, or irradiated-all processes that kill enzymes. No wonder we’re sick. Our blodies have no fuel-they’re trying to run on fumes. Our bodies engines are too pooped to pop!

Enzymes are essential for everything that goes on in the body, including digestion, breathing, circulation… everything. Your body uses enzymes to fight disease and inflammation and to slow down the aging process. Plus, enzymes can help you look good and live longer.

As we age, the numbers of our enzymes and their activity levels de rease. Our bodies just can’t produce as many enzymes, and those that remain have lost their power-laden punch. This is when enzymes from fresh fruits and vegetables, food concentrates, and supplements from animal, microbial, and plant sources can help.

But even if we do try to eat only fresh foods, did you know that the enzymatic level of food is reduced by long-term storagr, as well as by pesticides and other toxins in our water, soil, and air? Augmenting your diet with enzymessupplements may be your only answer.

Supplemental enzymes can aid digestion, dissolve blood clots, fight back pain,decrease swelling, speed up healing, fight wrinkles, clean surfaces of dirty wounds, help in delicate surgery, ease hindered breathing, stimulate the immune system, and help fight cancer and HIV/AIDS and other viruses. In other words, enzymes can do an awful lot.

a whole new world is opening up for enzymes and their applications. Enzymes are also used in tests that help doctors determine what may be ailing us.Today, enzymes are being added to toothpaste for more cleaning power and to skin and nail products to make you look better, and they are widely used in the baking and brewing industries for a variety of applications.



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