OFW or Overseas  Filipino Workers can be found anywhere and being alone in a far away land makes them homesick that is why ofw-ako.com offers a home away from home by giving you news and fresh articles from different topics such as entertainment, business, sports, politics and technology to keep you updated all the time.

This blog news and OFW community allows the readers to interact with other readers and express their opinions for various topics from around the globe through the comments sections of every articles and blogs allowing them to discover new friends with the same interests as them.

Moreover, members of the community can see the latest, trending and the most talked about news and topics for various niches. It is like a one-stop shop for your daily dose of news and current affairs happening worldwide.


Ofw-ako.com Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to deliver quality articles and blogs in various topics for different readers, to keep them updated about what is happening all around the globe, most especially the Philippines.

Ofw-ako believes that there should be an online tambayan (hangout place) for our fellow kababayans (country men). Believing it so, our team develops a community that allows people to express their thoughts on topics that interests them and also to create articles of their own and express their ideas.

Core Values

1. We are Dependable - community members are sure to get and read quality news articles and blogs everyday. We ensure that all the posted articles are true and will be based on a thorough research and data gathering to make it a one-stop site for daily news and entertainment.

2. We are Committed- we promise to have a very committed team that ensures the safety of every members of the community inside the site. Information collected will be kept private and will not be used for any other purposes. We intend to make the site friendly and committed to the values we believe in.

3. We are Adaptive - since change is the only thing that is constant during this digital era, the team promise to adapt these changes for the benefit of its members and to continuously deliver all the needs of the readers.

4. We are Humble - whatever success we have and we can have in the future is definitely because of the community's members that is why we promise to possess humility as we quest for greater heights.

Ofw-ako.com encourages members to not disclose any personal information, private photos, account numbers to others, to advertise multilevel marketing as well as other profit making schemes and others.  Ofw-ako.com values the views and opinions of its members but posting lewd contents and offensive comments and articles will face a disciplinary actions as an effect.  All the information you provided as per requirements to your sign up will be held private and just for profiling and will never be used into other things. Any messages you receive that wants to get any personal information to you is never associated with our team.